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Mission Impossible Director Christopher McQuarrie ‘I want to wreck a train!’

Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie Started Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Discussing ‘What they want to do’

Both Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie got to live out their dream stunts in their latest film Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. When Cruise & McQ began discussing their ideal scenes they both had their heart set on a particular stunt each, Cruise wanted to drive a motorcycle off of a cliff and McQuarrie wanted to do a train wreck sequence. In an interview with EW Christopher McQuarrie said.

“At the start of this movie, I said to Tom, ‘What do you want to do?’ “He said, ‘I want to drive a motorcycle off of a cliff. What do you want to do?’ And I said, ‘I want to wreck a train.’ We’re enormous fans of Buster Keaton, John Frankenheimer, David Lean, all of these filmmakers who at one time or another had a fabulous train wreck. I thought, I’ve earned that, I want to wreck one too.”

mission impossible
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Tom Cruise got to fulfill his wish on the first day of filming when he rode off a cliff in Hellesylt, Norway and then base jumped down multiple times.

Christopher McQuarrie had to wait a year to film his, when he then plunged a 70 ton train into Darlton Quarry in England, he told EW.

“I think the energy that went into developing it, designing that, building it, and then making a sequence that justified its existence was probably the biggest challenge of my entire life.”

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Dead Reckoning has an impressive cast bringing back regulars such as Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg & Rebecca Ferguson. It also sees the return of Vanessa Kirby playing arms dealer White Widow.

Source (Entertainment Weekly)

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One is due in Cinemas July 14.

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