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‘The Flash’ Final Trailer

The Flash is just over Three Weeks Away & Warner Bros. Have Released the Final Trailer.

After many delays and the much publicized Ezra Miller drama The Flash is just over three weeks away from release.

With early screenings and critics heaping praise on the film, there is huge anticipation for its arrival.

The final trailer has been released by Warner Bros. It gives us one last look at Ezra Miller & Ezra Miller and also includes Jeremy Irons’ Alfred for a fleeting moment.

Barry Allen realizes that he can travel back in time, he uses this to change the past to save his mother, who was brutally murdered when he was a child. Barry Allen inadvertently changes the future. He seeks Michael Keaton’s Batman to help with the danger posed by the retuning General Zod.

Watch the final trailer below. The Flash hits theaters June 16.

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