The Gentlemen

‘The Gentlemen’ Trailer Theo James Stars In Guy Ritchie’s Spin-Off Crime Series

Theo James gets involved in a criminal empire!

Netflix has released the full trailer for their upcoming series, The Gentlemen, a spin-off from the popular Guy Ritchie film of the same name.

Set in Ritchie’s fictional crime world from the film, the story will feature new characters. It stars Theo James as Eddie Halstead, who, upon inheriting his father’s vast country estate, discovers it’s part of a cannabis empire.

The Gentlemen

The trailer shows Kaya Scodelario’s character, Susie Glass, exposing Eddie to the criminal underworld that has been lurking beneath his feet on his newly inherited estate. As the pair walk into a cargo container, Susie lifts a door that opens up from the floor, prompting Eddie to ask, “Now what happens down there?”

Susie introduces him to the substantial cannabis farm operating underground, informing him that as the new landlord, Eddie will receive a significant amount of money in return for allowing them to conduct their operation.

The Gentlemen

Eddie’s newfound wealth attracts the who’s who of London’s criminal underworld, pulling him into a world of criminality and unsavory characters. Among them is Bobby Glass, played by Ray Winstone, a career criminal who runs his own cannabis empire.

The series has a stacked cast that includes Vinnie JonesDaniel IngsJoely Richardson and  Giancarlo Esposito. Ritchie is the creator, co-writer and executive producer of the series. He also directed the first two episodes.

The eight-part show is due to drop on Netflix March 7.

Watch the trailer for The Gentlemen

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