‘The Golden Hour’ Director Bobby Boermans Working On New Netflix Crime Thriller

After the success of ‘The Golden Hour’ Bobby Boermans is working on a new crime thriller for Netflix.

The Golden Hour director Bobby Boermans is working on a new thriller for streaming giant Netflix. As reported by The Nerd Shepherd the new film which currently has a working title of Hostage will revolve around a tense hostage situation in the heart of Amsterdam, with the event gaining national and worldwide attention.

The plot will switch back and forth between the perspective of key characters, from the hostages, the police and hostage takers as the situation unfolds. Hostage is currently scheduled for a 2025 release.

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Netflix viewers rave about newly added crime thriller The Golden Hour

The Dutch crime thriller debuted in the Netherlands in October, 2022 and it has now found an international audience after being made available to stream on Netflix last December.

The show revolves around a detective of Afghan descent called Mardik Sardagh who investigates his childhood friend Faysal, who may have had something to do with terrorist attacks in the Netherlands.

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There may be a second season on the horizon but there are conflicting reports. Some are stating it may stay as a limited series and some saying a second season is happening as reported by

If a second season does happen it will be welcome by many, as X (twitter) users are raving about season one.

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