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‘Top Boy’ Trailer For The Third & Final Season Of The Gritty British Drama

The final season of the thought-provoking drama will be available September 7.

Netflix have dropped the trailer for the final season of their gritty British drama series Top Boy. It originally premiered in 2011 on Channel 4 before being revived and continued by Netflix in 2019. Created by Ronan Bennett, the show brings us into the lives of characters navigating the high-rise council estates of Hackney.

The series revolves around the intertwined lives of Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), two friends and drug dealers aiming to establish their dominance in the fiercely competitive London drug trade.

top boy

One of the standout features of Top Boy is its unwavering commitment to authenticity. The series delves into the harsh realities of life in the housing estates with unflinching honesty. It portrays the challenges faced by the characters with a rawness that resonates deeply with viewers.

From the cramped and decaying living conditions to the constant threat of violence, the show doesn’t shy away from illustrating the harshness of everyday life in these communities. Furthermore, tackling the issue of gang culture and highlighting factors that lead individuals to become involved in criminal activities.

top boy

The teaser trailer also gives fans a brief first look at Barry Keoghan, who joins the cast for the final run. As well as promising retribution, revenge, and loyalty as the action picks up for a tense and dramatic finale and we do not have long to wait, as the series will be available in just a few weeks on September 7.

Watch the trailer for Top Boy Season 3

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