Daredevil: Born Again

‘Daredevil: Born Again’ New Set Photos Reveal New Suit & Sees Original Trio Reunite

After lengthy delays, Daredevil is back on track!

After years of delays and setbacks, it appears that Daredevil: Born Again is finally coming together. Following the end of the writers’ strike in October, Disney made the decision to start the project over entirely due to dissatisfaction with the footage they had seen, leading to the dismissal of the creative team.

The new set photos indicate that the series is on the right path, offering a glimpse of the ‘Original’ trio of Matt, Foggy, and Karen. Charlie Cox was seen wearing the new suit, alongside Wilson Bethel, who is also sporting a brand new Bullseye costume.

Fans have been pleased by the on-set images featuring Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll), especially after previous reports suggested they would not be returning to the series. Their inclusion is believed to be part of the series overhaul.

Netflix originally produced three successful seasons of Daredevil before the arrival of streaming platform Disney+Daredevil follows Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who, by night, becomes the vigilante superhero Daredevil. Set in the gritty Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, the series explores Murdock’s struggle to balance his legal career with his quest to rid the city of crime and corruption.

We now have our first clear image of the new suit (above), with Cox sporting a red and black design—a significant improvement over his previous red and gold costume from ‘She Hulk.’

Bethel’s new Bullseye costume features a dark royal blue colour, as seen below. The villain’s return was recently announced after Echo.

Daredevil: Born Again does not have a release date as of yet. However, we anticipate it to be in 2025, assuming there are no further issues. As of now, everything seems to be smooth sailing.

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