Jeremy Strong On Leaving Kendall Roy Behind.

Jeremy Strong Discusses Leaving Kendall Roy Behind and his Acting Method in an Interview with CBS.

Jeremy Strong has spoken about leaving Succession. He also speaks on the criticism he received in a 2021 article, which stated he irritated his co-stars with his method acting.

In an interview with CBS he is asked if he considers himself a method actor, he denied he was saying.

“No, you know everybody has A method, I would say mine is always changing and it’s really just finding the line of your intuition that is dictated by whatever you’re working on.”

When asked if those comments hurt, he replied.

“Sure yeah, yeah.” “It made me feel foolish to be presented in a certain light.”


Succession is currently running it’s 4th and final season, with only two more episodes remaining to air, the show will come to an end May 28.

When asked about leaving the show and his character Kendall Roy, Strong replied.

“I went to Denmark where my wife and I have a place and I went out sat on the beach, watched Kendall go down with the sunset…adios.”

He and the show will be missed when it concludes, you can watch Succession on HBO and in UK on Sky/Now TV.

Watch the interview below.

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