Harold Perrineau’s Nightmare Deepens in ‘From’ Season 3 First Look

The first teaser reveals more horrors for Boyd as enemies try to ‘break’ him!

While I rack my brain right now, is there a more underrated horror show running than From? It’s received acclaim from critics and viewers alike for both its storyline and Harold Perrineau’s fantastic performance, yet it still feels like it flies under the radar.

From follows Perrineau’s Boyd Stevens, the leader of a mysterious town that traps people who enter; unable to escape, they are then plagued by terrifying nocturnal demons from the surrounding forest. The show has a wickedly eerie atmosphere, along with some unexpected twists and superb acting, making it a gem of a horror show.

Image Credit: MGM Studios

MGM+ has now released the first teaser for Season 3, slated to premiere in the fall. The new teaser begins with a voiceover stating, “You said this place couldn’t break you,” as we witness Boyd being dragged away and restrained by his enemies. Desperately, he attempts to calm down a screaming woman. A sinister voice then declares, “Let’s see.” The town will not only have to confront supernatural threats but also more human ones.

(Spoiler’s) The Season Two finale offered a glimmer of hope as Tabitha (Catalina Sandino Moreno) awakens in a hospital outside their supernatural prison, having been pushed out of the lighthouse. While there are no plot details yet for Season 3, it’s conceivable that she may embark on a rescue mission for the others.

Image Credit: MGM Studios

Seasons 1 and 2 of From are currently available for streaming on the MGM+ app and on the MGM+ channel on Prime Video in the US. Fans can anticipate Season 3 arriving this fall.

In the UK, both seasons are accessible on SKY and NOWTV. However, for UK fans, it’s worth noting that Season 3 might not be available immediately this autumn. Historically, the UK release for both seasons has lagged approximately three months behind the US dates. Rest assured, as soon as we have a definitive date, we’ll provide updates.

Watch the teaser for ‘From’ Season 3

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